ASGIPmedia was surpisingly analogue contacted through an anonymous #PENTAGON employee. His message astonished #ASGIPmedia:

The employe informed ASGIP_Media, that #Putin has furtheron a huge chance to be a GREAT LEADER  all around  THE WORLD, especially if he  invokes his  idea  to establish a NUCLEAR PEACE ANTI_FASCISM FIREWALL through 3 or 4 TACTICAL NUCLEAR ATTACK ROCKETS in middle of Ucraine. #Putin would target  protecting his new eastern annected regions,  around 2o% of former Ukraine territory,  through this very terrible rocket HITS.  Many proud ukranian soldiers would be killed  and especially very heavy weapons of NATO would be destroyed.

Even the middle region of Ucraine would be poisoned and demolished many russian soldiers and former ucraine citizens in very eastern part of Ukraine would survive and can lift up their lifes after a peace contract.

If #NATO / #US-Government  would send instead unpeaceful heavy #weapons again then Kyiv itself can be a nuclear target, so the pentagon-employee who not explained the reason of this information.

This is a QUICK NEWS !

Interesting also what the #Pentagon employee mentioned in case of #China, #Iran  and #NorthCorea reactions, if Putin would set up a nuclear Firewall in Ucraine ..

very soon published on ASGIP -Media!