German Aufstehenparty ( ) is proud that a new member joined the political party which is registered through Bundewahlleiter.

Iranian very courageful  woman Miss Assadeh Haghigi Kavoli made in its first statements clear that she dislike dictators around the world  like iranian President Khamenei and others.

They not really accept women and human rights and are primitive violent guys, who not respect also fair christian or other fair religious fundaments.

“A guy like Khamenei need to be removed from his position so soon as possible”,she argued  and ” such primitive degrading violently behaviours of him vs civilians is not acceptable. Especially iranian women should help that he should resign” she added very courageful. The Bundesvorsitzender of Aufstehenparty ( ) made following statements in addition to the tough words of Mss Kavoli:

” A political person like her is very welcome here in Germany , since we have also tendencies that human basic rights are attacked like in Iran through this bad iranian President . Miss Khavoli heling us much in Demo_Events like some days ago in Cologne City with many thousands of protestors.  We need a person like Miss Kavoli to help us running campaigns on the streets, offline and online. We are very thankful that we brought this issue versus primitive dictatorships with our white  banners and Flags through her into several actions. We will do our very best that more people like joining us, like Miss Kavoli did. We will be also protect such persons, since they are in danger with their open mind opinions . We have no fear to go also to the highest humanrights courts around the world. We are also in advance whistleblowers,  like Mr. Julian Assange and others, who riscy also THEIR LIFES like Miss Kavoli ” . Mr. Weiler  with majority power of the Bundesvorstand also added:

“We will move ahead to make the world better in a fair way and peaceful mind. Miss Kavoli and others are very helpful targeting this aims in advance more democracy and anti_primitive_dicatorships.”