It’s more as only interesting that all parties around the world are similar.

They are similar to say YES to the financial markets & to say YES to the bourses around the world and especially YES to WALLSTREET STOCK -MARKET and FED system which dominates how money of the richest people/companies/organizations
can rotate around the world.

Where on this world a democracy party say ‘No’ to the money system dictated through Dollar, Euros, British Pounds, Yuan, Yen and so on?

Which political party says YES to the TLS-Money ( a fair Tarif-Loan-System-Money ) ?

Instead all parties try their very best not to explain citizens/voters how easy it can be to live in a world without financial markets and neoliberalism system, which can run without interest rate pressure, which can run without or less inflation, which can run into a Gerechtigkeitskorridor, which has basic and topic incomes, so it would be definetly not a communist system but a socialist fair minded cooperation, dominated controlled to transparent state employees.

Money rotation can happen without Wallstreet finance-products ( like shares, derivats, bonds, options, interest rates and so on ) and banks power with money producing from nothing. ( called ‘Giralgeld’ money producing ) ..

All democrcay parties are more or less SILENT to explain people and citizens how money can rotate around the world with no minus or positive interest rates but that savings without interest rates can be allowed.

How WEAK all democracy parties around the world are through their political puppets political-actors&-actresses.

It seems no party around the world not like to be transaprent and to tell the TRUTH to the citizens .

WHO or WHICH PARTY will stay up @first and to say NO to the UNFAIR MONEY and LOAN SYSTEM around the world , which push also the horrible wars and terrorism .

When it will be stopped ?

DEFINETLY it needs people and organizations who/which says : WE CAN DO OTHER !!!!!!
If you have ideas for a better new political organization just work with us TOGETHER .. write to !!!!